Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Not intentionally stealing the title of one my favourite Nigerian writer's recent book title but I have been in Lagos for the last month and the most memorable moment I had was yesterday trying to flag a taxi, trying desperately not whistle or hiss (standard ways of hailing cabs in Lagos), and being called 'Americanah' i.e.someone who pretends to be or is from the West (e.g. Europe and America) or resides there. 

That aside, I am in love with this jumpsuit I had my mother's tailor make. I am in love with vivid print...its very African without being too predictable and obvious. Kind of remind me of a Baptiste painting...okay now I know I am reaching...

I am also loving the collar I asked to be designed with the jumpsuit. Kind of reminds me of an Armani halter neck top I used to have when I was golden 16. Love it so much...now at the top of my to do list....must learn to sew me some jumpsuits!

Breakdown of outfit
Jumpsuit-Designed by Moi 
Bag-Label Lab